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I just came into this website, what's
Runescape Top Secrets about?

Thank for coming into my website. Runescape Top Secrets offers all the top secrets that's used by Runescape experts like Zezima, to teach you how to make 100 millions gp in less than 7 days.

Great! So u still play Runescape?
Yes! I do, but less and less these days, as I'm so busy answering all the questions about my Insider To Millions guide.

Thank you, so how can I get FREE Runescape Secrets here?
When you enter your name and email, you are in my emailing system. I will send you FREE 7 Secrets, extracted from my Insider To Million package.

What if I don't want any FREE Runescape Secrets, I want a Runescape Account, can you give it to me?
Sorry, my website doesn't give Runescape accounts.

I do not want any of your good accounts, do you have any unwanted Runescape Account.
I love to, but all my accounts are good accounts, and I keep them close to me. I never gave them away. I'm sorry.

What is your username and password then?
I can't give them to you, and you shouldn't do that too. That's one of the main reason most Runescape accounts got hack and scam, and mine never.

Okay, what if I want FREE Money, or GP, can you give me some?
I'm here to teach you how to make millions for yourself, I'm not here to give it to you. If you want to learn and be nice, I will teach you!


I need help please! I have no money! Please give me 10m or minimum 1m! Please!
Sorry, I really don't give away FREE money. I don't believe in helping a friend in that way. A true friend would teach you how to make your own money, so that you don't have to depend on begging.

Can u be so kind to buy me something on Runescape?
I will not give anything on my website, no even items, except for one thing. Which are my closely-kept secrets to be the Invincible Warrior in Runescape like me.

Can u add my character?
I love to, but I'm so busy nowadays, I don't have time for that. Furthermore, I got hundreds of friends queuing up to add me every day. I'm sorry.

How about we chat on MSN or Skype?
I'm really sorry, I'm really busy. If you want, you can email me, and I will reply once I got the time.

I want to meet you in Runescape, when can you add me?
I love to meet you, however, like I say, I really busy and I only play a couple of hours every week now.

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